Durable Metal Roofing in Waltham, an Excellent Choice for Your Property!

Metal Roofing Waltham MA | The #1 Choice for Your Property

Metal roofing in Waltham installed by the crew here at The Waltham Roofers is an excellent choice for any property. Tough metal roofing materials provide excellent insulation for interior spaces and are easy to keep clean. Additionally, durable metal lasts far longer than standard shingles, often 50 years or more. In turn, a metal roof can be the last roof you’ll ever purchase for your home or commercial structure.

If you’ve never explored the benefits of metal roofing, now is the time! Even cheap metal roofing means a watertight finish, for fewer water damage risks. Also, metal roofing systems resist fires and lightning strikes, creating a safer property. Moreover, sleek metal enhances a property’s curb appeal instantly.

For all these reasons and more, why not call us today about your commercial or residential metal roof options? We’ll schedule a FREE inspection and price quote and answer all your questions about metal and other available materials. Above all, we stand behind every project with an ironclad guarantee in writing! For a roof overhead you know you can trust to last, contact our customer care team today.

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Metal Roofing | Why It’s the Best Option for Your Home or Business

Tough, durable metal roofing is gaining popularity with property owners for a variety of reasons. Check out some of its unmatched advantages:

  • Metal roofing systems typically outlive other materials. In fact, a metal roof might last 50 to 60 years or even longer.
  • Manufacturers powder coat metal in a variety of colors, giving you more options than most options. Not only does this mean enhanced curb appeal but lighter colors ensure a cooler home. This is an excellent consideration in tropical or desert areas.
  • Metal won’t combust and doesn’t feed a fire. In turn, you’ll want to consider metal in areas prone to lightning strikes or brush fires.
  • A metal roof provides excellent insulation for your structure’s interior. Consequently, you can typically enjoy lower energy costs when you choose metal roofing.
  • A contractor might be able to install lightweight metal over existing shingles if building codes allow it. No tear-off means less mess and, in many cases, lower roof installation costs.
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Is It Time for a New Metal Roof on Your Property?

Even if you understand metal roofing advantages, you might not be convinced that your property needs a new roof! Schedule an inspection if any of these are true for your home or commercial structure:

  • Water stains on interior ceilings
  • Obviously buckled or wavy shingles
  • Excessive mold or algae growth along the roof
  • A roof more than 10 years old
  • Severely discolored or sagging spots
  • Granules, nails, or other materials in gutters or along the lawn

Also, property owners should consider roof inspections after strong storms or high winds move through the area. A thorough inspection can alert you to severe damage not easily seen from the street. Then, your contractor can then advise if it’s time for an entirely new roof.

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Why We’re the Best in the Business

If you’re ready to invest in durable metal roofing, call the crew here at The Waltham Roofers. What makes us #1 for commercial and residential metal roofing installation? First, we have years of experience and topnotch expertise that we bring to every project. Second, we only use the highest-quality, most reliable metal roofing systems.

Also, we never start a project without first conducting a full inspection. This tells us if we need to restore the roof down to the decking, to ensure a quality finish. Additionally, we take pride in offering outstanding customer support from your first contact through project completion. If you have a question about roofing or your property, just ask!

With this in mind, why not call us today for your FREE roof inspection and metal roofing price quote? We can even help you choose the best metal type for your home or commercial structure. Remember, the longer you put off needed roof repairs and installation, the worse that damage overhead! Avoid otherwise unnecessary fixes by calling our team today.



See what our customers have to say:
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"After a storm tore off some of our shingles, we began the search for a local roofing company. The Waltham Roofers were wonderful to work with, answered all questions, and made the process easy from start to finish. Our roof is now patched up thanks to them. Definitely recommend them for roofing services!"
- Judy G.

Check Out What Our Waltham Roofing Contractors Can Do!

When it comes to expert roofing repairs and installation, our team is always #1. We offer full-service roofing from shingle or tile replacement to full-scale tear-offs and installation. Additionally, we guarantee our work for both labor and materials and are fully licensed and insured. Above all, we only use the highest-quality materials with a track record of durability. Whatever it takes to ensure you have a strong, solid roof overhead, ours is the name to trust!

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Whether you need roof repairs, new roof installation, or a roof inspection for your home or office, rely on the #1 choice for roofers in Waltham, The Waltham Roofers! Call us at (781) 230-7951
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